Study shows infants exposed to repetitive toxins from shampoo, lotion, and powder

Jane Houlihan, Environmental Working Group (EWG) Vice President of Research, issued the following statement in response to a recent study appearing in the Pediatrics journal which shows that, for the first time, infants are now exposed to potent reproductive toxins called phthalates, from everyday baby products, including shampoo, lotion, and powder.

"This new research provides strong evidence that phthalates in baby products end up inside babies’ bodies, where they pose real-world risks for reproductive system damage among baby boys. We hope these results spur companies to remove phthalates from products sold in the U.S. Many of these same chemicals are banned from baby products in other countries. There is no justification for keeping them on the shelves here," said Jane Houlihan.

While food products must be tested for their safety before they may be sold, cosmetic companies are not required to do so.

"This study confirms that it's high time for Congress to update standards for cosmetics, and require that companies prove their products are safe for children before they go on store shelves," added Houlihan.

An EWG study found that personal care products expose children to an average of 60 chemicals every day, that they can breathe in or absorb through their skin. EWG product testing, conducted in partnership with Health Care Without Harm and other members of the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, showed phthalates in three-quarters of 72 name-brand products tested. Because federal law contains no safety standards for cosmetics, it is legal for companies to use ingredients that contain reproductive toxins, such as phthalates, carcinogens, and other potentially harmful substances.

EWG publishes an online safety guide for more than 27,000 personal care products, including a wide range of baby products, with safety information regarding not only phthalates but also more than 7,000 other harmful ingredients.

EWG is a non-profit research organization based in Washington, DC, that uses the power of informatino to protect human health and the environment.

It is not necessary to purchase products branded and packaged especially for babies and children.

Products Targeted to Children Contain Hazardous Chemicals and Ingredients Not Found Safe for Kids Every day children are exposed to an average of 27 personal care product ingredients that have not been found safe for kids, according to a national survey conducted in summer 2007 by Environmental Working Group.

Overall, 77% of the ingredients in 1,700 children's products reviewed have not been assessed for safety.

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