Narelle Chenery

Narelle Chenery

Narelle Chenery
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"Education is the key to empowering consumers to see through the 'green- wash' of slick product marketing to recognize products for what they really are. Misleading labels and clever advertising relating to organic content often mask the use of potentially toxic ingredients, which seriously undermines the integrity of the organic claim."

In her recent book, Style Naturally, Summer Rayne Oakes, a Cornell University graduate, Udall environmental scholar, environmental scientist, and jet setting eco-model, called Narelle "The mother of EcoBeauty."  In her book, Summer said about the Miessence Balancing Cleanser, "This is one of my favorite beauty products in the world.  The sweet subtle scent combined with the consistency and cleansing properties make this a must try".

Narelle Mother of EcoBeauty

Narelle Chenery "Mother of EcoBeauty"


What is behind the "Mi" in Miessence?

"The "Mi" actually came about as a "my", but the spelling didn't look right! I was actually singing Franks Sinatra's "My Way", when the name came to me. The "essence" alluded to my true nature.. from the dictionary...the basic, real, and invariable nature of a substance, containing its characteristic properties in concentrated form.

So the products are created from my essence... from my love and wish for them to invoke the highest good in those that use them."

Narelle Chenery


For those of you who are interested in how I got started in this business - here is my brief story...


While completing a Bachelor of Applied Science in Information Management in 1992, a friend introduced me to a new natural skin care range on the market.  The company prided itself on producing the best products from "science and nature."  They talked a lot about the good ingredients, but didn't say much about the bad ones; in fact they denied they have any bad ingredients at all!  Even though the products contained ingredients I could not pronounce, because they claimed to be from natural ingredients like coconut palm, I just presumed they were natural and safe.  One day, soon after I began selling this "natural" skin care range to my friends and family, a cosmetic ingredient dictionary "jumped" out at me while I was browsing through a health food store.  the dictionary told me of the dangerous properties of the ingredients in the products I was using. YUCK!  I was disillusioned, and quite annoyed!  I felt that I had been deceived.  Hence began my search for TRULY natural products.


My mother-in-law (God bless her) gave me some books on aromatherapy, herbal remedies, and how to make your own skin care out of natural ingredients.  Suprisingly, even these books recommended the use of toxic preservatives, (which I wasn't going to touch!)  So I started experimenting with some skin creams and giving them away as gifts.


As I was reseraching how to prevent my natural concoctions from growing mould, I remembered a little bottle that I had taken on my trip to Thailand a few years before to kill bugs in the water.  I tried this, with some other natural extracts I had been researching and they appeared to do the trick!


As my research continued, I was captivated with the many wonderful offerings of Mother Nature, and grew more concerned about the toxic synthethic ingredients that most cosmetics seemed to contain.  I was inspired to let people know about the toxins in skin care, and felt I could offer a real alternative.  Some of my articles were published in some well-respected natural health magazines, and I realised there was a demand for knowledge about toxic ingredients and truly natural products.  Apparently, I was on a winner!


My hand-made products turned out to be quite popular and my hobby grew into a home-based business - Intelligence Cosmetics.  It was great; I had just given birth to baby number 3, and this was something I could do in my own time at home.

Eighteen months later, Alf Orpen approached me after I had a stall at a natural products expo and challenged me to create certified organic products.  I had been eating organic food since my first pregnancy in 1994, and I believed wholeheartedly in the organic philosophy.  I was up for the challenge!  Even within my "Intelligence" range, I used ingredients that I was not entirely happy with.  After another eighteen months of research and development, the Miessence Certified Organic Product range was born!


However, it does not stop there!  Our intention is to create a whole range of certified organic lifestyle products, from cosmetics, to garden products, household cleaners, pet products, as well as a range of healthy food supplements to increase our wellness and vitality!  Let there be no doubt that we will revolutionise the health and beauty industry!  Stay tuned to this company!


One of my personal objectives is to help level the playing field between multi-national companies, with big marketing budgets, and the consumer.  Education is the key here.  If we know how to read labels, we can choose to avoid toxins.


We, as consumers, are incredibly powerful; we just need to own it!  The cosmetics industry alone is worth something like US$20 billion a year.  Most of this turnover supports the use of toxic chemicals.  If we tell the big multi-nationals, we will no longer put up with the toxic waste they put inout our bodies and the environment through their products (by refusing to buy them) they will have no choice but to make the changes we wish to see!


As Ghandi said, "Non-cooperation with evil is a sacred duty."  There are so many candy-coated evils promoted to us by tabloids, women's magazines, and television.  We need to look beyond the hype of big-business propaganda, and not believe everything we hear!  If we commit to educating ourselves and acting responsibly upoin that new knowledge, there is no limit to what we can achieve.


Be a beacon of light in the sea of ignorance and apathy - stand up and be counted!

Act to improve your health and wellbeing, daily!

Support companies that support the ethical use of the earth's resources!

Educate your colleagues and families about toxins in their environment and food!

Pray for the enlightenment of our planet's leaders and power brokers.  God knows they need it!

Wishing you healthy, happiness, and lots of love.