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Our Favorite Miessence Products:



Ambrosia Essence


Ambrosia Essence: when the Abmrosia Essence was first introduced, I did not understand the beauty of this product.  Recently, I incorporated this into my skin care regieme.  The aroma is very organic and earthy.  Once applied it sinks directly into the skin on my face without a trace of oily sheen.   It's simply lovely and it really makes my skin look vibrant and healthy.





Rejuvenating Skin Essentials Pack

Rejuvenating Skin Essentials Pack: I have to sheepishly admit that I'm not a daily skin washer because I don't wear cosmetics.  I usually wash my face and do my skin care regime every other day.  I leave the cleanser and garnet exfoliant in my shower.  After I get out I apply the probiotic skin brightener, the facial conditioner, the Ambrosia Essence, moisturizer and top it off with the Rejuvenating Facial serum  I never thought I would use this many products on my skin but I have found, much to my surprise, that it's quick and easy to incorporate this into my routine.   I get a lot of compliments on my skin now and people often say they love the smell of the products on me :)