Miessence Organic Home Business

There is NO time like the present to get started on creating your Organic Home Buisness. 


Live Your Life with Vitality and Wellness with Miessence Certified Organic Products


Introducting the world's first extensive range of products to be CERTIFIED ORGANIC to international food industry standards - products so pure you can eat them!

Miessence Organic products include an expanding range of over 100 products including Organic Superfoods, Organic Personal Care, Organic Skin Care, Organic Cosmetics, and Organic Cleaning products.

Find out more about our products, company and income opportunity by viewing the video below, featuring Bill Lee-Emery of our Essential Connections Team, other Australian based Reps and Miessence Directors Alf Orphen, Narelle Chenery and Colin Chenery.

miessence® are the world's first certified to food standard organic skin and body care products. 

Did you know there are no regulations or standards governing the use of "natural" or "organic" on personal care products?  Yes that's right, there are no defined standards.  The ONLY way to verifiy that a skin and body care product is organic is to see a third party independent certification logo on the product like USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) or ACO (Australian Certified Organic).


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Miessence® have been certified organic since October 21st 2002.  miessence® products meet standards for both USDA and ACO. Miessence® products are developed in Australia, at our own manufacturing facilities. 


Ingredients so pure you could eat them and we proudly display complete ingredients lists on each product page so you know what you are buying. 


****NEW - Miessence Affilaite Program - If you are not committed to placing a regular monthly order and buying Miessence then you might want to consider our Affiliate program.  Miessence has a traditional Affliate program for those of you who are interested in Affliate Marketing.

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We take organic seriously. Each ingredient must be tracked back to it's organic origin.  This includes from seed source to it's organic growing conditions on an organic farm. A paper trail is required to be kept on file for each certified organic ingredient used in miessence® products.  Our manufacturing plant must also be certified.  This is no small matter as we have over 100 botanical ingredients in the range of miessence® products. This is a HUGE commitment on the part of ONEgroup, which requires time, effort and money.


Miessence® offers over 100 unique certified organic and organic products AND a unique, fleixible and ethical organic home business opportunity.



  • Are you looking for a United States (US) based representative to work with?  You've come to the right place!  Erin Ely is one of the most active ONEgroup/Miessence US based representatives in the company.  Erin has been with ONEgroup/Miessence since March 2005.  She has brought the company directors to the US for presentations and has a direct working relationship with them.  While working with ONEgroup/Miessence she has been on the company Executive Advisory board and has attened company conferences in both Australia and the US.  Erin created a social network (see below) for all company representatives and moderates forums for the company wide "get to executive" training modules.  Erin is the highest ranked Miessence Independent Representative in North America (Managing Executive) and lives in Eugene, Oregon.


  • Are you interested in becoming a ONEgroup/Miessence Independent Representative?
  • Are you looking to start an Organic Home Business?
  • Are you looking for a ONEgroup/Miessence Representative in the United States to work with?

Or perhaps you are looking for someone in your region or country.

We are here to help you find what you need. 


Essential Connections Team

Team Essential Connections at Australian Miessence Conference.


Team Essential Connections includes Bill Lee-Emery and Julie Barefoot in Australia and Erin Ely in the United States (Erin is the highest ranking Miessence representative in North America).  Our team includes Miessence Independent Representatives who are using and selling miessence® products in these countries: Australia, United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, Jamaica, Singapore, Malayisa & Tawain.  We have monthly training calls, one on one coaching, group site for communication, recorded training calls, training ebooks, sales training, mispa experts, internet business bulding, soical networking, all the tools you need to support you in building your Miessence home business.


Finding the right person or group of people to work with is an important and crucial step in creating a successful, enjoyable and rewarding experience with Miessence.

  • Would you like to work with someone who will help you meet your goals?
  • Are you serious about building a business? 

Or are you just looking for extra cash to supplement your monthly income.

We can show you how to make this work for your situation.  We have a successful system that will help you build your business.


Let me tell you more about where we are coming from.

Most people come to network marekting business with pie in the sky ideas of quick and easy money.

This is not what we are offering.  


We are not going to tell you that you can earn millions of dollars in the expanding billion dollar organic industry.

We are practical, down to earth, business minded people creating substanial income from our passion, dedication, hard work and relationships.


What does this mean exactly?

Reality Check: Starting your own business requires commitment, time, energy and money.

OK, so you are thinking, the beauty of a network marketing business is that you can start with very little investment of money and that is true.  You can start with much less financial commitment then if you were to create everything from scratch because you are not pesonally creating the product, the marketing materials, the distribution system, etc.  You will need to be prepared to invest some money to create your buisness.  That's a fact.  How much you need is unique to your situation and how fast you want your business to grow.  This is an individual choice but please understand, if you want to be successful, you will need to be ready to invest your time and also some money.


Reality Check: You will need to sell products to earn income

When you see ads online or in the paper that offer you to work from home, make millions of dollars overnight, no sales, it's not true. You cannot sit at home, do nothing and earn millions of dollars.  In this business, you must sell products to create an income.  This is a legitimate business, we sell organic products.  If we did not sell products this would be considered a "pyramid scheme".  Yes that's right, you heard me, if you only offer a business opportunity to someone and you lead people on by telling them they can earn millions of dollars without doing anything that is a "pyramid scheme".  If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is.  This IS NOT a "pyramid scheme".  We sell organic products, that's what legitimizes our buisness. 

To build a significant organic business, you will need to do two things:

  1. sell miessence organic products and
  2. find other people like yourself who are passionate about helping others and who want to use and sell miessence organic products

Reality Check: Most people do not make any money from their network marketing business

  • We're not going to tell you something that is not true.  Most people do not earn money from their network marketing business.  It is common for people to "join" as a representative with good intentions and end up doing very little about building a business.  Many people do not realize/admit that it requires a lot of focused effort to create a  viable business.  Most people have unrealistic expectations about what it takes to build a business.  There are no quick and easy ways to build a business.  This is true for any business, not just a network marketing business.  It requires hard work and yes there is some trial and error.
  • Many people join companies like this every day and most of them either do not understand or are not willing to do the work it takes to create a successful business.  To be successful, requires hard work, commitment, determination and focus.  OK, I'm not trying to scare you away,  we just want you to understand that there is no free ride here.  We work with people who understand this. 
  • We are here to help and support you every inch of the way but we will not do it for you.  We have been where you are now.  We have done the trial and error. We know what works and what does not work. Regardless of your desire to build a significant income or to supplement an existing income, we can help you take the steps you need to make this happen.  Just remember that in the end it comes down to you, are you committed to making it work?
  • We could be telling you the standard line here about making millions of dollars in the booming organic industry but we are not going to do that.  Most people do not make that kind of money in their network marketing business. Only a very small percentage of people will make that kind of money but you never hear that mentioned in any network markting company materials.  This is not to say that you cannot be that small percentage of people who does make millions of dollars, but this does not happen easily and it does not happen without a substantial investment of your time, a lot of energy and some money. 

If we have not scared you away yet, we are looking for like minded people to join our team. (opens in a new window)

Are you already in a comission based sales job?  Are you a health care professional with a ready client base?  Do you own a spa or massage business?  Do you own a natural foods store or boutique store oriented to green, organic, or baby?  Do you already own your own business? Do you understand the power of leveraging your time and energy?  Are you self-motivated, determined, responsible?  We are looking for like minded people to join OUR team.


We have serveral options available for working with you.

  • are you a customer who loves the products and would like to buy at a discount?
  • are you a small boutique store that would like to carry Miessence products and need wholesale prices?
  • do you own a green eco hotel or bed and breakfast and need good products for your clients?
  • do you have a green focused business and need gifts for your clients?
  • are you an online affiliate marketer looking for an affiliate program?
  • would you like to supplement your monthly income?
  • are you an at home parent that would like to stay home with your family and need extra income?
  • are you leaving an existing network marketing company and looking for a new opportunity?
  • are you a business person who understands the power of leveraging your efforts?
  • are you passoinate about green business and organic products?
  • are you looking for something that inspires you and you can feel good about doing?


Thank you for taking the time to learn more about Organic and Natural Enterprise Group (ONEgroup) creators of Miessence products and our team.

Take the first step and contact us today for more information and a personal contact with a live person, not an autoresponder.

We feel that doing buisness with others requires trust and realtionship building, not auto responders. 

We will personally contact you within 24 hours.

We look forward to hearing from you.

In November, 2008 Erin created a social networking site (Miessence Alliance) for all Miessence Independent Representatives.

Often times in network marketing, people end up with sponsors that don't support them, their sponsor leaves the business, or their sponsor is far away and cannot get back to them in a timely manner.  Many times, people are left on their own with no support system in place to assist them in growing their business. 

Erin realized that working together in an "open source" way could benefit everyone across the company, not just her own Miessence team of representatives.  Miessence Alliance is an "open source" approach to creating a Miessence business, rather than a competitive, monopolistic approach.

Miessence Alliance is a social network, open to all active Miessence Independent Representatives.  You are welcome to join the network if you are an active Miessence representative.  If you are interested in joining the Miessence Alliance social network go to: http://miessencealliance.com, fill in your profile and request to join.  This is a moderated network and your request will be approved within 24-48 hours.


An Alliance is a relationship or connection based on a common interest.

Organic Alliance consists of Miessence Independent Representatives who are aligned through their passion and commitment to healthy people, healthy planet and right livelihood.  Miessence Alliance is a company wide social networking site created by Erin Ely (Independent Representative) as a way to bring the synergy of working together to all Miessence representatives. 

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has." ~ Margaret Mead

Miessence Alliance

Miessence Alliance is powered by Erin Ely, a Miessence Independent Representative living in Eugene, Oregon, United States.


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